Thessaloniki is a city full of stories that have been unfolding over 2300 years. They are the stories of her people, which we can today discover, taste and seek out in her historical monuments, strolling down her picturesque backstreets or chatting with passers-by.

Thessaloniki has many stories to tell us.

This is a city with a proud historical past written by the multiculturalism of her people. A swathe of societies –Ancient Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, Jews, Armenians and many others have bequeathed Thessaloniki a multi-coloured, multifarious, multidimensional culture.

This is a hospitable city, with warm people, an optimistic spirit and a carefree attitude to life – you come across this everywhere you go - walking on the beach, having a coffee, going down the city centre alleyways.

This is a port-city in the embrace of the Aegean, offering up many Mediterranean destinations. And more. Thessaloniki is bathed in the shadow of Mount Olympus – the mountain of the gods, is next to Chalkidiki – the best known resort in the Balkans, and is close to areas of rich natural scenery, such as Delta Axiou.

This is a center of ideas which concentrate themselves in the restless spirit of modern art – the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, but also a business center of innovation – the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair.

All these elements come together to make up the city’s heart, as well as Thessaloniki’s new logo.

A heart-mosaic, made up of pebbles – the stories of the city.

And her spirit sends us a message: Many stories, one heart.

Because this is Thessaloniki.

A heart full of stories.

A heart that beats strongly.

Listen to it.

What is this project?

Browsing this project online you may think this is another Tourism portal, a simple Social media app, a simple data hub or just a website.

You may not be wrong. Actually, it's all the above but many more also.

If you read the above "symbolism" about Thessaloniki as a Heart of Stories (heart of pebbles) then you already know that the important thing on the Heart is the Story.

Stories about the city, about her people, about the events that happened or are going to happen. Stories about love and hate, from good and bad times of the history.

Using technology and imagination we tried to transfer this symbolism to a real world web application.

Storytelling, internet, social media, crowdsourcing and linked data are some only of the tools we used to make fulfill this achievement.

We just love Thessaloniki and we love to spread this love to anyone else interested. We are not affiliated with any public sector organization of the city. We love to see the Stories of Thessaloniki on the first place of the history, where they belong.

We love to see opened our Stories to everyone and not keep them hidden on our minds or in some organizations locked archives.

Because there is no better "medicine" for a city than to talk with itself, to be open, to change saying:

"I am here for more than 2300 years hosting infinite Stories. Come and create your Story too!"

Who created this project

Theodoros Ploumis (Web designer and developer)

I live and work in Thessaloniki. I believe that citizens can do more than they think to make their life better. In fact citizens can change their city although the opposite is not true.

This project is a try to give back to my city. It is an official submission for the 2016 Apps4Thessaloniki competition - Tourism edition. I am not affiliated with any public sector organization of the city.